• Target

    Target.ca & Recruitment Campaign
    Target is coming to Canada and  I was able to help launch Target.ca and work on the recruitment campaign for employees and pharmacists.
    tools: Adobe Flash + Photoshop
  • Ikea

    Christmas Display Banner Ad Campaign
    Ikea wanted to bring Joy this year. With a little magic and a lot of hard work we were able to bring joy to everyone under 40kbs.
    tools: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Wordpress & HTML/CSS
  • Canadian Tire

    Winter Tire Display Banner Ad Campaign
    Canadian Tire wants you to buy your winter tires online this year. Tires falling like snowflakes was easy in comparison to making a van fishtail and then splatter snow in less than 40kbs.
    tools: Adobe Flash + Photoshop
  • Toronto Tourism

    Floating Display Ad + 160 x 600 skyscraper
    Toronto Tourism wanted to remind Torontonians that they have a fantastic nude beach right in their own backyard. This is a great example of a floating ad that demands to be clicked on.
    tools: Adobe Flash + After Effects
  • Showcase

    Display Banner Ad Campaign
    Showcase was relaunching their 10 year old brand they wanted to think outside of the bag. This banner is just one part of the execution of the campaign but it makes me smile every single time I see it.
    tools: Adobe Photoshop & Flash